Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Local Office

A water tank leak left this local office with a soggy carpet, which, once pulled back, revealed even more damage hiding below. When SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich a... READ MORE

Water Damage at Art Center

Water damage can be relentless and wreak havoc to the structure and contents of any building. Older buildings are especially vulnerable due to old plumbing, and... READ MORE

Water Damage Overwhelms School

After a pipe burst in a second floor bathroom, thousands of gallons of water rushed through classrooms, hallways and right out the front door. Even the main lob... READ MORE

Buckled Floors After Water Damage

Wood flooring and water are not friends, as evidenced in these before & after photos. This Ipswich homeowner suffered water damage while away on a 2 week va... READ MORE

Water Damage to Groveland, MA Garage

This Groveland, MA homeowner saw water damage to the interior of her garage after heavy snow sat on top of the flat roof and began to melt. This is an inherent ... READ MORE

DIY Gone Bad

This water heater was knocked off it's footings when the homeowner attempted to tip it to stop it from leaking instead of shutting the water off first. Inevitab... READ MORE

Water Damage in Haverhill, MA Home

This family’s Haverhill residence experienced water damage after their hot water heater let go. SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich has the expertise and equipment... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Haverhill, MA

This flooded basement in Haverhill, MA was the result of days of rain in the area. Ground water made its way into their basement and they needed help drying out... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Bathroom in Groveland, MA

This family’s Groveland residence experienced serious water damage after a pipe burst in their bathroom. SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich has the expertise and ... READ MORE

Flood from Sprinkler Head in Atkinson, NH

This family’s Atkinson, NH residence experienced serious water damage after a sprinkler head was hit and flooded their home. SERVPRO of Danvers/Ipswich ha... READ MORE